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Mentawai Elder Smoking a traditional cigarete
Mentawai Village Aerial Photo
Mentawai Village Aerial Photo

The Kandui Foundation is an Indonesian non-profit organization that focuses on the local needs of the Mentawai Islands region of Southern Siberut.

The Mentawai Islands are a chain of 70 islands located 90 miles off NorthWest coast of Sumatra, Indonesia and long considered one of the most remote areas within Indonesia.  Founded and managed by Indonesian local, Anon "Un" Suheri, the goal of the Kandui Foundation is to provide what is needed from a local's perspective.  Un has lived and worked within the Mentawai community his entire life and has a unique vision on how life can be improved within the Mentawai.  The Kandui Foundation currently places its efforts within 3 Programs: Medical Financial Assistance, Educational Scholarships and Food Sustainability Programs.

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia →
A Mentawai Nurse tending to an elderly patient

Medical →
Mentawai Medical Assistance Program

A classroom of Mentawai children diligently listening to their teacher.

Education →
Mentawai Educational Scholarship Program

A market owner amongst fresh produce ready for sale.

Sustainability →
Mentawai Food Sustainability Program

Your donations enable the Kandui Foundation to provide what is needed within the Mentawai Community from a local's perspective. Please visit our accounting page for a transparent view of our current programs and where your donations are placed.